For those of you who do not know what fast fashion is, we give you a brief description: it is the term used by fashion retailers to move the proposals from the catwalks to their stores capturing the trends as quickly as possible.
H & M is one of the most famous brands that work under this concept.

The company Hennes & Nauritz AB has fashion products, accessories and cosmetics; and has establishments throughout the world; also having presence online with online sales in 44 countries and is the second largest fashion chain in the world.

She was born in 1947 under the name of Hennes (for her) and years later she merged with Mauritz Widforss, a men’s goods store; hence, the merger gave way to H & M. After the 60s, the market began to open outside of Sweden, within Europe and it was 2000 with the change of the new century when its great growth began, opening up in Spain and North America, China, the Arab Emirates and Latin America.

This firm that sells men, women and children, and also has H & M Home, is part of the H & M Group, where other major fashion brands are located.

In Cobutrade, having a product of this brand is quite an achievement, because being able to collaborate with the two big fashion companies worldwide is quite an achievement, and knowing that they place their trust in us to manage their surpluses makes us know that we are doing things right.


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