We have ample space for fashion, and another for all our household product

In Cobutrade we have a large clothing showroom, where we show a sample of all the product that we receive from the brands that collaborate with us, selling us their seasonal stocks.

Firstly, you will find all the fashion, footwear and accessories. On the top floor, we have a showroom dedicated to the home, we show you how our products could be combined in your spaces.

For us it is important that our customers can see what they are going to buy; and that our suppliers if they want, see how we treat their stocks, because it is essential that everyone is satisfied to work with our company.

Contact us if you want to arrange a visit or need us to expand some information, we will be delighted that you visit us!

“We have a showroom dedicated to home, we show you how you could combine our products in your spaces.”


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