Everything you can need to give that place the personal and special touch that we all are looking for

We sell decoration wholesale, we work with specialized brands in the home sector to manage their stocks; In our catalog you will also find furniture, lighting, kitchenware and textiles.

We are specialists in the management of surpluses in the fashion, footwear and accessories sector. The theme of the home emerged a few years ago and we saw the opportunity to offer our customers the possibility of obtaining decoration stocks for their outlets from the same supplier. Brands like ZARA Home work with us.

The world of decoration is exciting, free, and very personal. In Cobutrade, as we work with stocks we have a wide variety of objects and styles; and taking into account that nowadays everything contributes to decorating the room: the furniture no longer only fulfills a function, but also serves as support to the rest of the accessories for follow the intentionality of the decorator.

We have a large showroom where you can visit us to see all our products, contact us and we will inform you of everything you need.


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