Furniture; set of furniture that make our life more comfortable

We have two different types of furniture: urban furniture (benches, bins, canopies …) and furniture for the home. Within the latter are furniture for rest: chairs, armchairs and sofas, beds: doubles, singles, cots, and so on.
We also have furniture that facilitates our daily life such as: tables, desks, television furniture.
Finally those of storage or archiving such as cabinets, shelves, banks with storage. And all this can be exterior or interior decoration.

All these products are found in different styles (classic, baroque, eclectic, Nordic, vintage) and diverse materials. The most common materials are wood and its derivatives and metals and their derivatives, although nowadays new resources are sought for the design of these important objects in our lives.

Our work consists (as you will know if you have already walked through our website) in the trade of stocks of furniture and accessories for the home; and also fashion, footwear and accessories.

At Cobutrade, we collaborate with major brands from the different sectors in which we work, both nationally and internationally. Since 2010 we are specialized in the management of their stocks.

For household items, our main suppliers are Westwing and ZARA Home.

Ask us for our catalog if what you need is furniture for your home or your business, or send us yours if, on the contrary, you have more stocks and you look for who will manage them in the best way.


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