Lamps, wall sconces, spotlights, garlands, candles, etc.

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to furnishing and decorating a space, both in the home, as in the spaces for work or leisure.

There are different types of light: the general lighting that allows us to see; the focal or focal point that is the most intense and focused, designed to illuminate a specific area; and the environment that is much more “dramatic”, designed to illuminate a very specific area, also used to decorate and / or enhance details or concrete objects.

In Cobutrade, we receive products for all types of lighting that we find in the world of interior design: from ceiling lamps for general lighting, floor lamps and spotlights for spot lighting and table lamps and spotlights to get ambient light.

We are specialists in stock management, and as you can see, we sell wholesale lighting; but we also sell furniture, textiles for the home, decoration, household items …

We also manage surplus fashion, footwear and accessories of brands with recognized international trajectory, such as H & M, Oysho, Stradivarius among many others.

Contact us if you want information about our products for the home, or if you want to come to see our showroom; we will inform you of everything you need.


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