We sell sofa stocks of all types and different brands, Come and see!

The sofa is the furniture that we use the most in the whole house, although it is also a piece that helps us to give that personal touch to the room for which we are looking for it.

Normally, especially in the houses, they are in the living room or in the dining room, but we can also find them in bedrooms, games rooms and in our businesses.
It is becoming more frequent to see them in coffee shops and restaurants, in office living rooms, waiting rooms for medical clinics, on terraces…
There are also for outdoor, and we can find for all tastes, handmade type (who has not seen that sofa made with pallets and cushions?), for a rustic stay, minimalist, Nordic style, vintage…

We are not only wholesalers of sofas or other products for the home, we also sell stocks of fashion, footwear and accessories.

We always work with major brands such as Inditex, Westwing (so we have a wide range of brands) and many other reference brands such as Martinelli, Canada House, etc.

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